Clonlara School – Ann Arbor

1289 Jewett, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

At Clonlara, learning begins with curiosity!

Clonlara School delivers a high-quality education within a vibrant and welcoming setting. Our supportive community is made up of engaged students and families, experienced teachers, and trusted mentors. Our education programs go beyond imparting knowledge; they foster confidence, critical thinking, and creativity in every child.

Flexibility and Freedom

For 55+ years, Clonlara students have followed their curiosities and interests. They have learned on our campus, at home, in their local communities, and all around the world. Our students benefit from:

A welcoming learning environment

Caring teachers in multiage classrooms with low student-to-teacher ratios lead to lasting relationships.

Experienced educators

Clonlara teachers are lifelong learners who subscribe to the best progressive education practices.

Full Circle Learning

Hands-on projects structured by Clonlara’s Full Circle Learning Model offer autonomy and spark creativity as students explore their interests.

Community connections

Frequent field trips and community engagement extend learning beyond the classroom.

Experience why our children are HAPPY to learn!

The Essentials

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform education on a global scale through a highly personalized approach that fosters authenticity, autonomy, and joy in the learning process.

What makes us different?

⭐ Highly personalized approach
⭐ Flexible scheduling
⭐ Hybrid (campus + off-campus) options
⭐ Global learning community
⭐ Joyful multiage setting
⭐ Caring teachers
⭐ Low student-to-teacher ratio


Clonlara School is now accepting applications!

We know it’s not easy to select the right school for your child. Our admissions process makes it easier.

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Parent Testimonials

“At Clonlara, learning is personalized and everyone has a voice. The kids have core subjects intertwined throughout their day while also getting to explore their own interests. When they have an idea, they receive the support and encouragement they need to make it a reality. My kids truly get to be themselves!”

Sarah B. (Parent)

“I value that my daughter is seen as an individual with unique learning interests at Clonlara. It’s so reassuring that she loves coming to school every day.”

Sally (Parent)